Album for sale

2011-11-12 07:23:14 by KillTheTrucker

Kill The Trucker's new album 'Nomads' is now for sale on Bandcamp!


2011-10-15 05:35:22 by KillTheTrucker

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In Between Words

Kill The Trucker


Guess what!

2011-10-14 16:32:58 by KillTheTrucker

I'm starting a whole new music project which is called 'In Between Words'.
It'll be a mix of drum 'n bass, melodic synthdriven dubstep, ambient and electro(nica).

Previews can be heard here
In Between Words -

Enjoy it.



2011-09-11 11:26:42 by KillTheTrucker

Yo folks,

I don't know if you've got the same problem as me, but I'm getting zero's all the time, without the voters explaining why they pushed that button.
I'm putting a lot of time and work in my tracks and if people don't like them, well yeah, that's normal. But I don't like the fact that someone votes zero on every submission I post here on Newgrounds without telling me why. This is just lame, stupid, whatever. It's everything but cool dudes, come on. Grow up, be mature, thank you very much!


2011-08-24 05:51:11 by KillTheTrucker

Yes indeed, Kill The Trucker is back!
I'm uploading brand new songs the next month which will be on my new album.
Don't forget to take a listen!


Creative fail...

2010-10-27 13:01:35 by KillTheTrucker

Having some troubles putting the song Creative (which you can hear here on NG) WITH guitar and vocals, I put it up here:
Berlin Bird - Creative

Please tell me whether you like it or not.

Kill The Trucker